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Planning for everyday people with service, integrity and knowledge.
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Our Financial Services
  • Retirement Planning
    • Do you know when you're going to retire?
    • Do you know how you will retire?
    • Do you know what's beyond retirement?
  • Investment Planning
    • You've worked hard for your money, shouldn't it now work hard for you?
  • Insurance Planning
    • How will your family get by if you have a Critical Illness such as Cancer or a Stroke?
    • With your death or disability, how will your family pay the bills?
  • Estate Planning
    • Who will get the biggest chunk of your estate on your passing, your family or the government?
  • Employee Group Benefits
    • Are you a business owner looking to attract and retain good quality employees?
    • Do you want a tax deductible way to provide health and dental benefits to your employees and their families?
  • Tax Planning
    • Do you pay taxes?
    • Are you paying the least amount of tax?
  • Cash Management
    • Do you need a strategy to get out of debt and start saving money?

We have found Tom to be reliable, available, knowledgeable, and above all honest. We appreciate his ability to explain and put complex financial issues into a form we can easily understand. His professional and confident manner makes us feel very comfortable in discussing our investments. Tom has always answered our questions confidently and we feel at ease.

Beckie and Gerry Kozol

About Us

Our Company

At Manion and Associates, our goal from day one has been to take the mystique out of the financial services industry, and to create a level of comfort that allows our clients to be active in the management of their personal finances.

Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that financial planning is only for the wealthy. However, the reality is everyone can benefit from a sound financial plan, which means everyone should invest some time planning out his or her future. And whether you earn a little or a lot – or have a little or a lot – the principles of sound financial planning apply to each and every one of us.

For the untrained individual, financial planning can be intimidating because it is not a subject most people are ever taught in depth, and for that reason they are often embarrassed by how little they know. As a consequence many never seek competent assistance.

When you visit the offices of Manion and Associates, you’ll see the words “Service, Integrity and Knowledge emblazoned on the wall in the lobby. These are not hollow marketing buzzwords, but rather the principles by which each member of our staff conducts business in order to assist clients to create a brighter future.

We firmly believe that everyone needs someone they can speak with comfortably about their finances. We make it our business to be that someone, and we do that by putting your financial situation in plain English. It’s a no-nonsense approach that has worked well for our clients for the past 20 years, and we see no reason to change in the years to come.

At Manion & Associates, we really believe true wealth is not only about the return on your investments. It's about creating the lifestyle you want. When you have a proper strategy and your money works well for you, you have time for things in your life that matter most - like family, friends and charity. Helping others achieve this is how we are rewarded.


Our Commitment to You:

We're committed to our clients first and foremost! Our motto is "Service, Integrity, Knowledge" which means:

  • All calls returned within 24 hours
  • You drop in without an appointment, if we're not already with a client, you're the appointment
  • We assist you with ALL financial matters
  • If we don't know the answer we'll say, "We don't know", then we'll find the answer
  • Community-based family business and it shows with our family-friendly, casual and welcoming atmosphere


Tom Manion / CFP, CHS, EPC

Tom Manion and his wife Claire have lived in Maple Ridge for over 50 years, where they've also raised their family. Through all of those years, he has been actively involved in the community with minor baseball and soccer leagues, the Parks and Recreation Commission, Mountain Festival and several service groups. Tom currently serves on the board of Allouette Addictions Services and the Ridge Meadows Homeshow.

Tom is a Certified Financial Planner, a Certified Health Insurance Specialist and an Elder Planning Counselor. He has been active in the community as a speaker on such topics as budgeting, estate planning, goal setting and life planning.

Tom specializes in financial planning, cash management, estate planning, elder care issues and long term care issues.

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Allen LaRose / FMA, CIM, EPC, FCSI

Allen LaRose has been active in the financial services industry for the past 23 years, and his FCSI, CIM and FMA designations are among the highest in the industry. He has spent the past 33 plus years in Maple Ridge, and is married with children. Community service is a big part of his life these days, and he is currently active with the Ridge Meadows Hospice Society as a board member and fundraising chairperson.

Allen specializes in financial planning, investment strategies, taxation and regulatory issues.

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Kristian Manion / CHS

Kristian has been helping people and businesses with their life and health insurance protection for over 15 years. When he is not with his wife and 2 young kids Kristian spends weekends coordinating recreation programs at an Seniors Care Facility and currently volunteers with the Ridge Meadows Hospice. Kristian was fortunate to grow up and play minor sports in Maple Ridge as a youngster, enabling him to attend and play baseball at the Collegiate level in Southern California.

Kristian is a Certified Health Insurance Specialist specializing in Life, Critical Illness, Disability, Health/Dental and Employee Group Benefits. As an independent broker he has access to a wide range of products through all of the top insurance carriers.

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